David Orlandelli: masterclass storyboarding

Storyboarding masterclass by David Orlandelli (Romulus, Catch 22, Point Break)

David Orlandelli is Storyboard and Concept Artist.
Born in Rome, he grew up artistically in Milan. Always interested in narrative development and storytelling through images, he collaborates with several animation studios and advertising agencies before coming to cinema. He successfully transfers his experience as Storyboard Artist and Cartoonist in live-action cinema, where he collaborates with Italian and international directors and productions.
Since 2012 he has been Key Creative Artist for Nexus Media in Princeton (USA).
He combines his activity as an artist with teaching at art and film schools, where he holds seminars and workshops on storyboarding and film previsualization. Among the international films and series he has worked on are Point Break, Catch 22, Casanova.