Lorenzo Raffi: Realtime & Virtual Production Masterclass

Realtime & Virtual Production masterclass curated by Lorenzo Raffi (Dolce & Gabbana Metaverse, Pompeii Echoes, Quark)

Lorenzo Raffi is a "Netrunner" with a degree in Graphics and Multimedia Design with a master's degree in XR Technology. He currently serves as CEO of Edge, a software house focused on new technologies for Industry 4.0. He has worked with Magic Leap in Silicon Valley developing Mixed Reality prototypes and studying real-time rendering methods in the entertainment, film and TV industry.

He developed the Rome Virtual Reality Bus patent and is Co-Founder and Chief Designer Officer of Invisible Cities.

Currently he is Lead IC-VFX of the virtual production of famous Italian TV shows. He is an Authorized Unreal Engine Instructor and partner of Epic Games and teaches at the European Institute of Design, Academy of Fine Arts and National Film School.

You can attend the masterclass on Saturday, November 26 from 12 noon at Universes Hall.