Heroes IFF University

HEROES - INTERNATIONAL GENRE FILM FESTIVAL which will take place at the Fiera di Roma reserves training and Career Guidance encounters for students from universities, institutes and public and private academies. The activities will take place in Italian or English with translation.

The festival is focused on the connections among film, storytelling, visual arts, digital and sound effects. The Insight on Visual Arts and Audiovisual new professions is assured by meetings with international professionals. The screenings are all national premieres. All technical-practical activities and the exhibitions are focused in this edition on ART DEPARTMENTS IN THE MOVIE AND TV SERIES. Key-player is the great "genre" story: science fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror and cross-over (literature, comics and videogames).

The festival program is divided into: INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASS, PRIVATE SCREENINGS, WORKSHOPS and EXHIBIT. The institution's participation gives access to all the festival's activities with a reduced daily entrance fee. Some of the activities are CLOSED NUMBERS AND ON RESERVATION ONLINE. Institutional partners such as ANICA and Univideo and technicians such as WACOM and SONY participate with panels dedicated to the Italian market and talent and technical-practical workshops. Production and Distribution Companies present anticipations and special contents from the blockbusters arriving in spring / summer 2020.

HEROES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is held within Romics, the International Comics, Animation, Film and Games Festival. The participation of the institutions is free and entitles entry with reduced ticket at a cost of 5 euros on the days of 30 and 31 May.

The deadline for the enrollment of schools is March 20th 2020.  

Download the form HERE and send it to info@heroesfilmfest.com by 20 March 2020 at the latest.

For more information write to info@heroesfilmfest.com or call 06.9396007.