Alison Norrington

Story architect

Alison Norrington is a storyteller, writer/producer, experience designer, storyworld builder and founder of Storycentral, a London-based global entertainment studio that incubates and develops ground-breaking properties, working with filmmakers, writers, brands, publishers, broadcasters, storytellers and theme parks on incubating new franchises, participative experiences, story architecture, mythology and planning, prototyping, audience development & engagement and utilizing social media. Alison is also founder of Supersize Your Story, an acclaimed online program that enables writers, producers and creative minds to develop their concept and develop it to its full potential with an ultimate goal to pitch to the entertainment industry. She is an Honorary Doctor of Arts, a best-selling novelist, screenwriter, playwright, journalist, story/script consultant. Over her 25+year career she has worked with SundanceTV, CBS Interactive, Walt Disney Imagineering, FOX International, AMC Networks, BBC, McCann, Coca Cola, DeBeers Group of Companies, UK Metropolitan Police Force, Schleich GmbH, European Broadcasting Union, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. She works as a writer and script consultant for film and television and a consultant on story, worldbuilding and experience design. She has worked with brands such as Ford Motor Company, DeBeers and Forevermark and Disney Brands & Media Partnerships as a strategist and writer. She is a creative and business mentor for a series of Creative UK programs across Development, Storytelling, Business Planning and Production. She is co-host of The Story Hour podcast, which explores the intersection of storytelling and technology and is a 2x TEDx Speaker. She is featured on the BAFTA Guru series, Conference Chair for StoryWorld Conference & Expo, is a member of The Writers Guild of Great Britain and Women in Film & TV. Alison is an advocate for entrepreneurship and an inspirational and motivational speaker with her heart firmly in story and her feet firmly on the ground.